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ARMOUR 01, 2020

A collection of 11 pieces of clothing assembled from collage pattern digitally printed on textile. Original artwork includes 54 30x30cm mixed media collages. 

An elaborate grid motif emerges from a series of 54 30x30cm handmade collages which are already an established element of the Mylo Mark practice (Spaces of Desire, 2018). The motif has embedded grid patterns for the collection of 11 pieces of clothing, which are the base for the process of overlaying, painting and sewing an abstract geometry. In this way, the artwork which references urban and architectural complexity, also addresses the human scale. The 30x30cm square becomes a metric unit which is applied to a body. Each piece of clothing is composed from a simple geometric pattern developed within the 6x9 squares grid, printed on a single, flat sheet of fabric, cut out and assembled without any waste. 

ARMOUR 001:2020 is the first coherent series of clothing pieces and it could be a Mylo Mark fashion manifesto. If it is so, it would state something along these lines: fashion, perhaps, is not simply an overstated detail of our everyday life but a  tool to exercise power, wherever that power may lay in our society. It might be that our notion of power has shifted: from kings, queens, samurais and clergy through celebrity, all the way to an individual identity. In a Nietzchean sense, fashion is only fashion if it is in service of empowering the individual and never if it in service of assimilation into a herd. 

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How it's made?

The following material gives you a sense of the design process and careful planning that went into the design of the "ARMOUR 001:2020" collection of garments. Each piece was designed and fitted onto the 6 squares x 9 squares grid (each square is a handmade and hand-stitched 30x30cm collage), informing the shape of one another and avoiding any waste when the pieces are printed and cut out.