Nothing Changes Everything Changes, 2018

Nothing Changes
Digital photographs mounted on paper. Series of 50 works. 18x13cm
On 2nd of November 2015 I took the first photograph of this generic park scene from a small pedestrian bridge in Regents Park. I was drawn to the scene by how suddenly it appeared, opening up a view of the landscape in the mist. With birds flying on and off the metal fence, it was unusually animated. I had seen the scene numerous times before this time but I never noticed the dramatic change. From that day I realised the scene was changing every day. Sometimes even hourly. Whenever I saw a change worthy of stopping and contemplating the scene I also documented it. Not every day, but for as long as the scene was part of my daily routine. Than I stopped. Has anything changed? Birds and people, the swan couple, reflections and wind, clouds and light.

Everything Changes
Mixed technique, acrylic paint, collage and gold leaf on digitally printed photograph on canvas. Series of 50 matching Nothing Changes series. Series of 50. 26.5x18.5cm 
The moments of most visible change become the architecture of this image. The kind of architecture that evolves is not a static one. Its ability to exist is questioned by the neverending collusion of possibilities and its never-changing location. A sense of universe happening in this narrow, insignificant view, is the foundation for understanding space and its two scales. Domestic and cosmic. Static and ever expanding. Our architecture is often assembled around views, around what we can see through windows and openings of our buildings as if our sensibilities and desires are static. But they are not static. The changes are reflective.