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Landscape II, 2018

Landscape II
Mixed technique: acrylic paint, collage and gold leaf on paper and glue sculpture. Series of 5 works. Varies in size. 
To explain his theory of Universal Grammar, Noam Chomsky makes a hypothetical statement saying that if a Martian is to descend on Earth and hear all human languages from Japanese to English, they would appear to him as one, single language. We are bound by our biology and conceptual thoughts that come before spoken language. Those conceptual thoughts are universal and therefore we inherently understand each other. If we all think along the same lines, where do our differences come from? They might come from our landscapes, our geography and climate, developed instinctively. A view from above is somewhat different to a view from the ground.

Images of Landscape II
Mixed technique on digitally printed photograph of Landscape II on satin: acrylic, spray paint and gold leaf. Series of 40 works. 24x16cm
Landscape has three dimensions, of course, but we often see only two. A view from above is somewhat different to a view from the ground. Landscapes tend to wake up our dormant senses, but there is a technique involved in viewing them. The viewing points make a landscape as much as the physical form that they take. It is a matter of communication. Communication is also in vision, perspective, colour, size, light and reflections that surround the physical form. Communication is also in the observer’s state of mind. Let’s remember Michel Foucault’s transcendental rebirth in Death Valley, where clinical LSD and landscape profoundly changed his life and his work.