Landscape I, 2018

Landscape I
Mixed technique collage: digitally printed canvas and paper collage with spray and acrylic paint and gold leaf. Series of 5 works. 30x40cm
The window seat on the plane. I always endlessly stare at landscapes. The ones I particularly remember are deserts of North Canada and Central Asia. I enjoy the flickering reflections of light in lakes and rivers. And when they clash with shadows of mountains and factories and skyscrapers. In Landscape I, the free-flowing canvas is fixed in motion like cooled lava. Layers of fast history are clad over it. We tend to think that geometry is imposed by rational beings like us, why would nature not be rational? We tend to think that free forms are imposed by irrational forces like nature, why wouldn’t we be irrational. Are Roman ruins buildings or landscapes? At what point the man made becomes a landscape?

Images of Landscape I
Photographic collage, digital photographs of “Landscape I” in a mirror box, mounted on paper. Series of 47 works. 25x35cm
Enclosing a landscape is one of those impossible tasks. We make enclosures and cut mountains in pieces every day. Enclosure is not about physical confrontation with landscapes but imposing limitations that lead to new discoveries. Mirror is one of those limiting objects that contain the limitless world within it. Mirror is a limitation which is a source of endless possibilities. Every reflection constructs a space and every limitation is a source of endless discoveries. Like mirror, collage as a technique presents endless opportunities - a tool routed in instinct - that is why they work so well together, they reflect in one another.