In front of you is an evolving collection of artefacts available for purchase. The works are being sold, primarily, to initiate a dialogue between us.

They are “artefacts” and not “artworks” because art has already happened, during the transgression and reinterpretation that every one of these pieces has been subjected to by their maker. Upon acquisition, it will be up to you to resurrect the artwork within each artefact. 

Our dialogue is direct, without a mediator, a hierarchy, a gellerist or a curator (or any other form of a middleman). You are buying an artefact directly from the artist, because like the artist, you operate with your instinct. And instincts don’t need a middleman, do they?

How to purchase a work?

Please e-mail info@mylomark.com to enquire about the availability of the artwork. State "Artefact No" from the bottom left corner of the gif below. You will receive an update on availability of the work in question, information about the artist, and an outline Purchase Agreement (Contract for the Sale of an Artwork) and further steps on how to proceed with the purchase.