An urge to read a bio is an urge to categorise its subject by age, gender, ethnicity, sexuality, personal and social history... Do you agree?

The intention of this bio is to categorise the work in question as an agency, a brand, a work of art; object, space and image design service or simply an absence of formal boundaries that define creative production.

My name is Not A Secret, but it also doesn’t matter. A pseudonym is a helpful tool to eliminate the baggage that comes with who we are. Take it or leave it. It might deprive us of immensely important categories mentioned above, but in return, it might give us a more universal voice.

Mylo Mark and all products of contemplation that are presented here, have been born in the heat and sweat of the rush hour on the Northern Line train heading to an office in the City of London. Every profession has its limits that cause pain. No discipline has all the answers. Think in lateral terms, across disciplines. Mylo Mark is a cross disciplinary practice.

If you look closely you might find spaces in the flatness of this screen. Obsession. Repetition and reproduction. Craft. Manual and exhaustive piling of layers. Digital. Physical. Metaphysical nature.

The key principle: the ideas that survive are the ones that can take different forms.

Every product of contemplation presented here is capable of taking different forms and quantities. Tools like camera, printer, photocopier, mould, stencil, mirror are so crucial. They are multipliers.

The ambition is always to invent a language. Again and again, change it and abandon it and start a new one. Like in real life. That is the underlying psychology, biology and biography of this work.

London, December 2018