a multi-disciplinary practice which specialises in space, object and knowledge production and publishing

Interiors 001, 2019

-Look through this window. Imagine the world in black and white. What do you see?
-I don't see anything. Is it snowing very heavily or have we collided with some cosmic object? There are no colours outside, why does it matter whether the world is in black and white?
-Everything will be black and white after the unimaginable collision. That is one thing I can imagine. Everything else is a fantasy. 
-Is that why you made me watch Melancholia another day? What about slow-motion? Would the world move in slow-motion after the unimaginable collision?
-It is very possible that time would be fucked up. I mean, I am not a scientist, but it kind of makes sense. 
-I don't know. Which of the rooms do you think will go first? The pink one?
-No, whichever one is empty. That will be the first one to go first. When you face the prospect of disappearance, in the very last moment, time is divided among all the living creatures equally and it is extended indefinitely, so they all live infinitely in the last moment, in one room of their choice. 
-You are making it sound like a set menu restaurant. Pick your favourite interior for desert. 
-Not an interior, a room. Interiors are for snobs, rooms are for people.
-There are no people at the moment of collision, we will all be snobs. Come this way, let me show you my favourite cupboard. 

Interiors 001
Card, metal and textile sculpture with thread and mirrors. Series of 5 works. L18cm W20cm H20cm

Images of Interiors 001
Digital photographs of Interiors 001 in a mirror box. Series of 10 works. Lights on, lights off. 30x45cm